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Excellent pet cancer treatment

Unfortunately, some cancer are inoperable and some present an unacceptable risk to patient. Additionally, many protocols using combinations of cytotoxic agents have not resulted in the positive outcomes we have hoped for in the treatment of solid tumors.


Solid tumors have shown a positive response to alternative therapies, include: Carcinomas of the bladder, urinary tract, anal glands, nasal and oral cavities. Certain cancer of the skin and bone, such as mass cell tumors and sarcomas, as well as lymphomas, have also shown positive results with non-traditional therapies.


Dr. Wostoupal offers extensive experience with many recent protocols for the treatment of malignancies. Please call if you are interested in learning more about what your options are for both traditional treatments, or homepathic alternative, available by injection, topically and orally.

  • Traditional cancer treatments

  • Homeopathic alternative

  • Treatment by injection

  • Topical and oral treatment

Different types of cancer treatments

At ABC Mobile Veterinary Service, we offer various types of treatment for cancers, such as traditional and holistic treatments.


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